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Writing Tips - Everything You Need to Know About Dialogue

December 15, 2017

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Self Publishing Tips: Creating a DBA

October 14, 2017

Hey guys! I'm back again with another update.


If you haven't noticed already, I'm about 99% sure that I am going the self publishing route. I have done hours and hours of research, and I'm planning on collecting this research in a series of blog posts both for my own benefit, and for yours! I'm doing the hard part so you don't have to.


In this post, I wanted to talk about one specific self publishing 'trick' that I've read about online. So let's dive in!


I want to talk to you guys today briefly about creating your own DBA. Don't know what that is? It's pretty simple, yet revolutionary if you're planning on self publishing!


A DBA is a 'Doing Business As' name. Essentially, this allows you to give yourself another name to publish under. This does not mean that you necessarily have to start your own business. While you have the option to register your DBA as a LLC, that is completely optional. Unless you start having your own employees and getting serious with your new 'publishing company,' you do not have to jump through the same hoops as you would when starting a legitimate business.


Why is this important for self publishing? Well, having a DBA allows you to list that title as the 'publisher' of your book, even though you yourself are the publisher, because again, a DBA is basically just another name for yourself. This looks much more professional, and while not required, I highly recommend using one when publishing your book, as it makes it less obvious to readers that your book is self published, and therefore removes that stigma. 


To get a DBA, you can use several different legal websites (like LegalZoom) to do it for you, or you can simply register it yourself. Depending on which channel you decide, it can cost you anywhere from $25 - $100. 


Once you register your DBA in your state, you should absolutely legitimize it by creating a website, facebook page, and other online media profiles surrounding it. Even if these are hardly used, they will cement your name into the internet, and make sure others are less likely to use it. Get business cards made and pass them out to your local businesses. Make sure you include the name on the back cover of each of your published books. The list goes on.


Before choosing the name of your DBA, make sure it has not already been taken. Don't be like me and get your heart set on a name, only to find out several days later that someone has already claimed it. (RIP Black Fox Books.)


After that, make sure that the name fits the genera of books that you will be publishing most frequently. Publishing fantasy books? Try a name that includes the name of a mythical creature included in your novel. Mystery books? Use crime-related key words in your DBA.


Another easy way to come up with a DBA is to simply choose an animal that you like, and a color or gemstone, and then add the word 'publishing' or 'press' or 'books' onto the end. Just now, off the top of my head, I came up with some like this:


Emerald Eagle Publishers

Ruby Jaguar Press

Golden Opossum Books

Violet Cobra Publishing


There are so many more you can use! (Note: I have no idea if the above names are taken, but you're welcome to use them!)


For more information about creating and legally registering a DBA, try this website that I used when doing my research!




Curious about which name I chose for my DBA? Subscribe to our mailing list for more blog updates! I'm keeping it a secret for now, but I'll be announcing the name here in the next couple of weeks!


Thanks for reading!



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