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December 15, 2017

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On Fae

October 11, 2017

This is the second post in a series of posts I will be making on my inspiration and thought processes when creating the different races of the Far Land, the Echoes of Ashes universe.


The fae people are a race of fairies that use seasonal magic. They are born always as quadruplets; one fae born for each season. They stand about three feet tall, their appearance varying based on their season.


The above photo is of Emery, a summertime fae woman, and one of the main characters. She is elderly, around 60 years old. Summertime fae are different vibrant shades of green, with dragonfly wings sprouting from their back. Their magic is strongest in the summer, and their powers include healing magic, accelerated plant growth, manipulating roots and vines, and talking with certain animals.


 This photo is my vision of a springtime fae. They have large butterfly wings, and come in all different shades of purple and pink. Their magic is nearly identical to that of summertime fae; manipulating the growth of plants, healing living creatures, and talking to different groups of animals. 


 This picture is similar to what I imagine the autumnal fae to look like. They come in shades of orange and brown, and have large moth wings on their back. Their magic focuses on decay, having the ability to poison things and cause plants and food to rot and die.


 Finally, this last picture is my vision of a wintertime fae. They have standard pixie wings, see through like glass. They come in shades of white and blue. Their magic is almost solely ice magic, with the ability to chill and create snow and frost on command. 


Don't let the images fool you; there are just as many male fae people as there are female. It is just hard to find artwork of male fairies that match my vision!


When creating the fae, I wanted to personify the changing of seasons as something methodical, not automatic. The fae people are critical to the balance of nature; without them, natural disasters and famine would be rampant. 


Thanks for reading! If you want to know more about the fae people, Emery, and the Far Land, subscribe to our mailing list and be on the lookout for the novel upon release!




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