"Echoes of Ashes: Ember will set your heart ablaze..."

Amanda Mattison

Ember releases February 27, 2018!

This novel is an epic fantasy that Lord of the Rings fans will simply love!

If you like:

  • amnesia stricken elves

  •  kitsune familiars

  • magic, dragons, and epic battles

  •  bloodthirsty werewolves on the hunt

  • and LGBT main characters 

Then Ember is the book for you!​ Get your copy today!


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Jessica was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Always a passionate reader, she began writing at the age of fourteen and hasn't stopped! She is currently a senior at the University of Louisville and is working toward her bachelor's degree in marketing. She also started her own publishing business, Owl Griffin Press, at age 22.


Schmidt began writing her debut young-adult fantasy novel, Echoes of Ashes: Ember, at the age of nineteen and has been exploring it and refining it ever since. Schmidt credits her mother with being her biggest inspiration and supporter. After her mother's death, Schmidt decided to publish Echoes of Ashes: Ember in her honor.

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Meet the Main Characters


A young elf with no memory of her past, Alleria has spent most of her time fleeing from the bloodhungry canidae that have been hunting her for nearly a year, accompanied only by her soul-partner—Reia, a kitsune.

When Laderic and Midiga save her life, they agree to escort her to the north to find Nara'jainita, the fabled elvish capital, where she hopes to recover her lost memories.


When Laderic saved the life of a lost elf girl, he had no idea that this adventure would turn out to be his greatest.

Daunted by the obstacles before them but swayed by the promise of riches, the young mercenary agrees to escort Alleria as far north as she is willing to go. But, get rich quick schemes are never as easy as they sound.


Feeling caged in her own home, trapped with the demons of her past, Midiga leaps at the opportunity for an escape in an escort mission.

The huntress immediately takes a liking to her new charge, doing anything and everything she can to protect her new elf friend. The darkness that awaits them is no match for this felid mercenary.

Art by Matthew Childers

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